MageNet.Com Review: Alternative to Adsense

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  • Continuing the tests with platforms that can be considered as an alternative to Adsense, today I will talk about my experience with the MageNet.Com website.

    The platform has a very good idea, which is selling contextual ads for you to place on your website or blog in exchange for a few coins. As most ads / links tend to be very discreet, not polluting the layout of the blog, I decided to test it to see if it would really be a good alternative to earn some money with my blog posts.

    My test with MageNet.Com:

    So I followed the step-by-step instructions on the platform’s homepage, registered, sent my sites for review and soon after they were approved, I started receiving proposals for text links to be added to some of my posts.

    It is important to know that they accept many clients of almost everything, from corporate sites to gambling sites and adult content, so if you intend to work with MageNet.Com, be aware of the links they offer, as it may be that some of them are not suitable for the content of your blog.

    After some time working with them, the long awaited time to request payment has arrived, as it is not automatic. So at that point things started to get more complicated.

    Requesting payment on MageNet.Com:


    I did exactly as the F.A.Q section of the site indicated: I waited until I reached the minimum of $60 (sixty dollars), clicked on the withdrawal link, selected the Paypal payment method, entered all the requested information and clicked on the “Request withdrawal” button .

    To my surprise, after that, no further information was passed on to me. No confirmation email, no dashboard to track the withdrawal process, nothing has changed. It was like I hadn’t asked for anything.

    So he went looking for more information about the payment process and the answer I got on the FAQ channel was that payments are made once a month, from the 1st to the 7th of the current month for the previous month. So make sure you request your payment before the 30th of the final month. If you order it later, it can be sent to you in the next cycle.
    Please do not email us about your withdrawal request. We see all requests and process them during the payment period without an extra reminder.

    Even a bit suspicious, as there was not even proof of my request, I decided to wait for that deadline since my withdrawal request was made on Friday, June 23, 2023, so it could be sent to me by the 7th of month of July, since the request was made before the 30th.

    Update on 08/18/2023:

    After waiting all this time, I decided to contact support and received the answer that there was no withdrawal request on my MageNet account, and they informed me that when you request payment for the first time or change the payment method, you need to go through the additional verification step. The procedure is as follows: you send the withdrawal request and we send you an email with instructions and if you ignore this email, the request is not accepted.

    As it had been a long time, I didn’t remember having received this email, so I decided to make a new withdrawal request and this time the confirmation email arrived.

    So, I followed the instructions in the withdrawal confirmation email and the following message started to appear on the withdrawal screen: “We received your withdrawal request at $85.73, August 18, 2023 10:41“. As you can see in the image below:

    withdrawal magenet confirmacao

    Update on 9/1/2023:

    Today, September 1, 2023, precisely at 11:30 am, I received an email from Paypal informing me that LinksManagement had sent me the sum of US$82.31.

    So, to summarize, after the payment request was confirmed, this time the withdrawal of my profits with MageNet.Com was done in just 14 days.

    Pagamento MageNet

    Conclusion: Is MageNet.Com Reliable?

    selo legitimo

    After all this path traveled with doubts and a lot of expectations, I must confirm that I RECEIVED THE PAYMENT from the company MageNet.Com and in my opinion, this makes the site RELIABLE!

    If there is any change in the status of my application I will update this post.

    MageNet.Com Review: Alternative to Adsense
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