The extinction of financial management applications in Brazil

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  • After the app Olívia was bought by NuBank and became extinct, now it’s the turn of the App GuiaBolso to disappear.

    This is because, according to a message sent by the application itself, from the 18th of November, Guiabolso and PicPay will be together and GuiaBolso will no longer exist.

    The Guiabolso app will be shut down, but some of the financial solutions it offered are already on PicPay.

    The solutions migrated from GuiaBolso to PicPay at the moment are: Credit Score, CPF Monitoring and credit partners.

    The same thing happened when NuBank bought Olívia.

    Now if you only want a financial management application without having a direct connection with any bank or payment institution, you will have to choose other alternatives, as Olívia and GuiaBolso are gone.

    I, particularly, was very sad about all this, because I used both Apps. When Olívia was turned off, I still had the Guide to control my expenses, but now I’m out of options.

    What I find more complicated is that you can just find another app that does this control, but what about all the history that existed in the apps that you used for years? They are important to generate statistics and help you understand if your controller is working or not. Hence my disappointment.

    What do you think about it? Did you use Olívia or GuiaBolso? Do you know of other alternatives as functional as the aforementioned applications?

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