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Credit card limit for everyone: How it works

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  • After the popularization of some new functions by banks and digital financial institutions, many people were left with several doubts about how they work.

    This time the question is about the much talked about credit card limits for everyone. Even for those with restrictions, the famous “dirty name”.

    For those who don’t know, there are some banks and financial institutions that release credit card limits for people who didn’t have the release by the initial analysis, even if it has some kind of restriction.

    But for that, the person must make an investment / application in a specific modality released by the bank or institution.

    Some of these banks / financial institutions are:

    • Inter bank
    • C6 Bank
    • PagBank
    • Nubank
    • Among others

    So, the most frequent doubts on this subject are:

    If I apply R$200.00 (two hundred reais) in the investment to obtain credit. How will it work? Will I have to pay the card bill the same way? Where does that money go?

    Well, the answers to these questions are pretty simple:

    Where does that money go? – This money is invested and serves as a kind of guarantee for the payment of the invoice if you use the limit released on the card.

    Do I have to pay the bill? – Preferably YES, so your invested money remains in the same place, earning and/or turning into credits for future purchases.

    What if I don’t pay the bill? – Probably, the bank or financial institution will use the money you invested to pay off the debt.

    The most important thing for you to be SURE is to read the terms of the investment / application contract and in case of doubt, contact the bank or financial institution directly.

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