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  • If you don’t remember, after PayPal distributed a flood of coupons worth R$50.00 (fifty reais), something went wrong and they ended up canceling the coupon for a lot of people. It seems to me that some people got in touch, disturbed, and insisted that by force majeure, Paypal promised that it would release the coupons again for those who had already received them, and that day seems to have finally arrived.

    I received a message in my email with the following title: “My name”, We have again added a coupon worth R$50 to your PayPal account.

    And inside the mentioned email had the following message:

    You have received a coupon worth R$50

    Hello “My name” ,

    We’ve added this coupon to replace the previous R$50 coupon that was removed from your PayPal account. The deadline for using the coupon has been extended until January 28, 2022.

    This amount will automatically be applied to your next eligible purchase when you complete a PayPal purchase. When redeemed, it will be reflected on your PayPal receipt or PayPal transaction details.

    Log in to your PayPal account to view the coupon.

    This offer entitles eligible PayPal account holders to receive a $50 discount on an eligible purchase paid with PayPal.

    This offer is only valid for PayPal Brazil account holders.

    Offer is valid until January 28, 2022.
    4. This offer cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash or other discounts, products or services.

    During the Offer Period, each PayPal account holder who receives a communication related to this promotion may only receive the benefit of the offer once.

    To receive the benefit, the purchase must be paid using PayPal.

    Offer is only valid for sellers who accept cash payments, except Netshoes, Dell and some other stores and apps.

    The discount is not valid for purchases in installments.
    8. PayPal reserves the right to withdraw the offer and/or change any part of the offer or the Offer Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.

    PayPal’s decisions on all matters relating to the offer and these Terms and Conditions will be final and binding.

    By receiving the benefits of this offer, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

    How to recover the R$50.00 PayPal coupon?

    The first thing to do is check your inbox, especially your spam folder, as the PayPal email may have been sent there by mistake.

    Another thing you can do is login to your payPal account and check if the coupon is not already there, as shown in the image in the post.

    How do I check if the R$50.00 coupon is in my PayPal?

    To check if you already have the active coupon, go to your PayPal account, access the Wallet Menu, and scroll to the bottom.

    The coupon must appear in the lower left corner with the title: OFFERS – Paypal R$50.00.

    What’s up? Did you manage to redeem your coupon? Leave your tip, questions or suggestions in the comments form below.

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