Pray for us / Pray for the world

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NFT Reze por nós / Ore pelo mundo
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Today we present to you another special NFT that is really worth checking out. It is about Pray for us / Pray for the world.

Minted on the Tezos network the NFT depicts a seemingly apocalyptic scenario that may have been caused by human action or inaction.

About this NFT art:

  • Tipo: imagem/png
  • Dimensões: 1950x662px


Pray for us
Pray for the world.
The future is as uncertain as the present.
The world needs help.
The world needs to act.
Pray for all of us.

Quantity / Rarity and price:

Were minted 100 pieces that cost $XTZ 0,2 Tezos each one.

Where to buy:

This magnificent art can be found on the following marketplaces:

Holders and Availability:

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